4 Tips from the Team at Aussie Forklift Hire in Sydney – How to Improve Warehouse Productivity

Is your warehouse set up for maximum efficiency?

Over the years customer demands have grown significantly and orders are required faster than ever before. Warehouse operators need to work in fast-paced and streamlined environments to keep up with service expectations. An inefficient warehouse will result in poor productivity; meaning loss of time, money and consumers for your business. 

At Aussie Forklift Hire in Sydney, we understand how crucial warehouse efficiency is. Are you set up to keep up with today’s ‘need-it-now’ culture?

Boosting warehouse productivity may be easier said than done, and everyone’s needs are going to be different, but we’ve listed below 4 key areas that you could look into which will increase your warehouse efficiency:

1. Optimise your Warehouse Layout with an Efficient Picking Path

Is your current warehouse layout set up with a well-organised picking path? Your picking path should define your entire warehouse flow. By improving your pick rates as best as possible you’ll reduce labour costs and streamline operations.

You can easily minimise travel time by storing quick-selling products near the front of the warehouse. Often, in a warehouse environment, similar products will be stored together. But, if you find that you have different store products which are frequently sold together, re-arranging these to be stored in the same location will, again, reduce travel times and improve efficiency.

2. Improve Warehouse Productivity by Investing in Quality Equipment

More often than not, businesses will purchase cheaper warehouse equipment in an attempt to reduce costs. If the equipment purchased is inadequate or regularly breaks down this is going to negatively impact productivity. It might seem cost-effective initially but could end up costing a lot more in the long run.

If this is the situation that you’re in then it might be far more beneficial to your business if you rent warehouse equipment, where possible.  Forklift rental is an excellent way to experiment with the most up-to-date equipment to find the ideal unit for your warehouse needs, and this option does not require a large outlay.

At Aussie Forklift Hire in Sydney, we have a varied selection of warehouse forklift hire options available.  No matter your requirements we’ll be able to assist. And then, once you’ve found the right forklift for your warehouse operations, we also offer quality units should you wish to buy a new or used forklift at this point.

Our forklift rental in Sydney can be either short-term or long-term and your rental plan can be flexible, allowing you to increase or decrease the required equipment to suit your business needs. All maintenance, servicing and repairs are including in the forklift rental costs, making budgeting much easier for you.

3. The Timely Replacement of Equipment is Crucial to Warehouse Productivity and Efficiency

Is it time to upgrade your forklift? Technology is constantly evolving and older equipment will require more maintenance procedures. To stay ahead of the game, and run a productive warehouse it’s proven that continually investing in new equipment and technology will achieve quicker production times and less downtime, increasing your business profits.

As we’ve mentioned above, warehouse productivity is proven to increase with the right quality equipment. But continually purchasing new equipment comes at a high cost and is not always an option. 

Again, forklift rental may be the ideal solution for you to assist with reducing upfront costs and allowing you to keep up to date with quality equipment and ensuring timely forklift replacement.

4. Talk to Your Employees

Include your employees; ask for their opinions and insights. They will have valuable suggestions and will often know the answers on how to improve warehouse processes. 

Asking them, and acting on their recommendations, will optimise your warehouse productivity. And when you show your staff that you care about their safety and opinions it will help to increase their morale and engagement.

Increased Warehouse Productivity will Maximise your Returns

The key to efficient warehouse operations comes down to common sense, communication, effective processes, and the right equipment.

Our forklift hire in Sydney allows you to use the latest equipment with maintenance and scheduled servicing included. You may find that a battery-electric forklift will now better suit your needs over your current gas forklift. Forklift rental will give you this opportunity to test what’s going to work best for you.

At Aussie Forklift Hire we take the time to make sure you get the right forklift for your business. Our fleet hire fully complies with OH&S standards and have all been workshop tested and tagged, giving you complete peace of mind.

Call the team from Aussie Forklift Hire in Sydney on (02) 9011 5811 to discuss our range of warehouse forklift hire options and how we can assist to boost the productivity of your warehouse.