Hyworth 1.4T Walkie Reach Stacker 4.5m Lift

Made for confined spaces and perfect for any warehouse application, this Hyworth 1.4T Walkie Reach Stacker Forklift delivers a lift height of 4.5m. This forklift will fit in an aisle width of 2500mm pallet to pallet (2800mm rack to rack allowing 300mm for pallet overhang).

MoonWalk – This unique feature allows you to operate the Walkie Reach from the side, allowing for better visibility and requiring less space when working in narrow aisles and confined spaces.


    Model: H14WR45

    Capacity: 1400kg

    Lift Height: 4500mm

    Collapsed Height: 2290mm


    • AC drive system
    • Electric Power Steering (EPS)
    • MoonWalk function
    • Vertical handle driving
    • Narrow design
    • Regenerative braking
    • Auto park brake
    • 240v charger

    No forklift licence required.

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