Walkie reach stacker – Is it right for your business?

Walkie reach stacker

Are you looking for the right type of forklift to suit your material handling applications?
If your factory, warehouse, storage facility, or other material handling environment is set up with narrow
aisles and tight spaces you’re most likely going to find that a conventional forklift will not suit this type of

If this is the case, then a walkie reach stacker may be the ideal option for your requirements.

A walkie reach stacker forklift is an easy-to-operate, adaptable and efficient unit which is perfect for
moving and stacking pallets where there isn’t enough room to manoeuvre a full-sized forklift. They are also
highly suited to smaller warehouses with less demanding material handling requirements.

Designed for special applications and indoor use, a walkie reach stacker is a versatile alternative that
requires less clearance, will outperform a traditional forklift in close quarters, and might be just what
you’re looking for.

What is a walkie reach stacker?

Forklifts and walkie reach stackers perform similar functions. However, under certain work settings, a
walkie forklift provides clear advantages and delivers a safe and efficient method for lifting and stacking

A walkie reach stacker is a flexible walk-behind unit which looks like a forklift but without the cab. Rather
than sitting on it (as with a regular forklift), the operator stands and steers the unit using hand controls.
Designed with two outer legs to help distribute the load, making it easy to lift, raise and transport pallets. A
walkie reach stacker is also equipped with a pantographic scissor mast which additionally allows the
operator to manoeuvre loads forward, away from the stacker’s body. This feature is beneficial for loading
and unloading trucks.

Walkie reach stackers are smaller, less expensive and more manoeuvrable than conventional forklifts and
available in manual and electric versions. Ideal for a smaller turning radius, such as in narrow aisles, and can
help to maximise productivity and warehouse efficiency.

Another benefit of a walkie reach stacker is that the driver doesn’t require a license to operate the unit.
Yet, you should be properly trained on the controls and safety protocols before using the equipment.

What are the main benefits of a walkie reach stacker?

Walkie reach stackers are compact and provide increased visibility for the operator.

• Being quiet, they are excellent for indoor operations and do not emit exhaust pollution or fumes.
• Electric walkie reach stackers use less energy and produce fewer carbon emissions.
• Highly useful for less demanding material handling needs and smaller spaces where a conventional
forklift wouldn’t fit.
• Efficient, safe and easy to operate.
• A walkie reach stacker is less expensive to purchase, and provides lower ongoing running costs,
compared with forklifts fuelled by diesel or LPG.
• Available in a variety of sizes, ensuring there’s one that’s suitable for your warehouse needs.
• You do not require a forklift license to operate a walkie stacker (unless it is a ride-on unit).
However, you will need appropriate training.

Rent a walkie reach stacker in Sydney – See if it’s right for your business

Finding the right forklift for your business can sometimes be difficult and, with a large capital outlay, you
need to be sure.

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