What Are Some Techniques I Can Use To Preserve The Lifespan Of A Forklift Battery?

As previously mentioned, typical forklift battery is only really good for about 1,500 charge cycles. How long this is in terms of dates will depend on your workload, but a typical timeframe is about five years.

However, heavier industrial usage can be much higher, with a forklift that operates daily at five hours per weekday soaking up 1,300 charge cycles in a year. Fortunately, there are some tricks you can use to make sure that your forklift battery don’t die sooner than expected.

Use your forklifts intelligently

What do we mean by ‘intelligently’? In this instance, we’re not talking about people playing with forklifts like they are a toy—we simply mean that the time spent using forklifts should be carefully considered where possible. This is because a charge cycle isn’t defined as going from 100% to 0%; it is instead defined as the time spent from discharge to recharge. This means that going from 100% to 75% and back to 100% again counts as a single cycle.

As you can see, usage of this kind can degrade the battery much more quickly than intended. Conversely, running the battery flat can also diminish the lifespan of your battery. Ideally, you want each cycle to use up about 80% of the charge; that is, when a forklift battery is down to 20%, you have reached the sweet spot for recharging your battery.

Take care of your batteries

It is recommended that you gas your batteries and use a hydrometer once a week. By scheduling these simultaneously, you can kill two birds with one stone. Finally, it is a good idea to water your battery after each charge. Never do this before charging.