An Electric Forklift Can Help You Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

More and more, companies are compelled to demonstrate their ‘green’ credentials and that means adopting more sustainable ways of doing business. Sustainability has of course reached the warehousing and manufacturing sector and one of the elements that can positively contribute to your business being greener is to choose electric forklifts.

Whether you own, rent or lease your forklifts, you have an abundance of choice. When it comes to sustainability, however, the most logical choice is an electric forklift, rather than an LPG or diesel forklift. In fact, around 60 percent of forklift purchases are electric and the trend is continuing. We’d like to explain why.

Electric forklifts are far more environmentally friendly

Running clean and being eco-friendly may sound like it could come with a downside but in actual fact, electric forklifts perform every bit as efficiently as their less green counterparts. They emit zero greenhouse gases so they can be utilised in more sensitive environments such as food production and medical warehousing facilities.

Electric forklifts cost less to run over the long term

It’s important to consider the long-term running costs in your deliberations when planning to purchase an electric forklift because while they remain more expensive to buy, they will save you money over time.

Research has proven that over a one-year period, electric forklifts are nearly four times cheaper to run than an LPG model. Because electric forklifts run on batteries, there are no fuel costs, which saves around 35 percent, a significant saving by anyone’s standards.

Batteries can last up to 20 years if well-maintained and are simple and economical to replace.
With fewer moving parts than their diesel and LPG counterparts, electric forklifts boast far greater uptime and simpler, less frequent servicing.

No compromise on performance with electric forklifts

Companies that choose electric forklifts are finding that because of the heavy, centrally located battery, the centre of gravity is lower, resulting in superior stability and manoeuvrability. This also makes electric forklifts supremely suited to operation in confined spaces. A safer, healthier work environment with electric forklifts

Increasingly, industrial facilities such as factories and storage businesses are opting for electric forklifts not just because of their environmentally sound attributes but also because they are preferable in terms of workforce health. Zero emissions mean better air quality. Electric forklifts are also much quieter and operation is smoother, both important elements in worker health and safety.

Hyworth Forklifts are specialists in the consultation and supply of quality forklifts for all industries and all sized businesses. We can connect you with the full range of forklift types however if cost savings, worker health and safety, green cred, performance and uptime are priorities for you, an electric forklift has to be high on your priorities.

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