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At Hyworth Forklifts, we have a full range of pallet movers and jacks that will transform the operations of your warehouse.

Boost your workplace productivity with our quality pallet jacks

Our range of electric pallet jacks have extensive battery life and can be easily maneuvered around your warehouse.

As well as offering improved steering and smaller turning radius capability to navigate around the tight corners of your warehouse, our pallet movers offer safety features, including regenerative braking, an emergency stop feature and auto park brake.

Our range includes the 1.5T Lithium Electric Pallet Jack, Hyworth 2T Electric Pallet Mover and Hyworth 2T Lithium Electric Pallet Jack, offering three different models to meet the material handling demands of each diverse workplace.

All of our pallet movers are electric, which means your warehouse equipment can be both efficient and environmentally friendly.

Looking for a pallet jack that will boost your workplace productivity?

Hyworth has got you covered! View our fleet of pallet movers and jacks for hire and purchase below.

Our Hyworth electric pallet jacks will tackle your toughest warehouse challenges.

If you work in the manufacturing industry, it is likely you will need a pallet mover at some point. They are capable of moving heavy furniture, transporting large goods and are an essential handling solution in any warehouse operations.

Wherever you operate, investing in a quality pallet truck is a smart choice.

Hyworth Forklifts prides itself on providing each of its customers with the perfect forklift that matches their unique requirements. Our range of quality pallet movers will provide a heavy duty material handling solution to all your warehouse challenges.

To ensure that your workplace productivity isn’t hindered by outdated warehouse equipment, Hyworth Forklifts can help you upgrade your warehouse equipment by recommending the right quality electric pallet mover for your business.

At Hyworth Forklifts, we have a full range of modern and dependable pallet jacks to meet your toughest workplace requirements.

Our customers most common forklift questions answered


What are the benefits of electric pallet movers?

Aside from simply making the movement of loads easier, electric pallet jacks come with a range of benefits. Electric pallet trucks comparatively have efficient engines and zero emissions, which means they are a handling solution which is kinder for the environment. Electric pallet movers are also safer to operate than a regular manual pallet jack, as they eliminate operator strain. Plus, their emergency stop and speed limiting feature is designed to improve workplace safety.

How do I move a pallet jack?

We are often asked the best way to move a pallet mover. Although they are quite simple to use once demonstrated, operation can seem complex for someone who is operating a pallet jack for the first time. This is why our team offers on-site product demonstrations so we can show you not only how to operate a pallet mover, but how to best lift heavy loads and operate one in your work environment. Request your free on-site demonstration today.

What forklift license do I need to operate a pallet mover?

A pallet mover is a walk-behind style machine, which means it does not require a forklift license to operate. However, the forklift operator must have a thorough understanding of the associated material handling safety guidelines prior to using a pallet mover.

What safety guidelines do I need to be aware of when using a pallet jack?

Aside from the standard forklift safety advice which can be found here, you need to be aware of the pallet movers maximum lifting capacity. This will either be printed on the load rating data plate on the pallet mover itself or alternatively, you can ask the forklift experts during the hire process. During our product demonstrations, our team will explain the lifting capacity for each of our range of electric pallet jacks.

Should I hire or buy an electric pallet jack?

It can be a tough decision for many business owners whether they should hire or buy, especially if it is your first time operating a pallet mover. As a general rule, hiring an electric pallet jack to begin with will give you a good indication as to whether or not the model is suited to your workplace needs. We offer a try-before-you-buy option which allows our customers to test out the fleet before they commit to a purchase. There is no obligation at any stage to buy.

Let us match you with the right Hyworth pallet jack forklift for your business!

Our team prides itself on our ability to provide a personalised service. We offer tailored recommendations, giving our customers the satisfaction that they have a piece of material handling equipment that will best suit their businesses needs. Through our blend of industry expertise, problem solving and friendly customer service, we ensure all our customers have the best experience possible. With our range of dependable Hyworth pallet jacks, you can be assured no job will be too difficult.

If you’re looking to hire, or buy a quality pallet jack, fill out this form or give us a call and we can match you with the right model for your workplace needs.

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