Hyworth 1.5T Lithium Electric Pallet Jack

The 1.5T Hyworth Lithium Electric Pallet Jack is the same size as a hand pallet jack but 100% electric. Very compact, lightweight and versatile. It will turn in a very tight space and will climb most inclines. Comes with a unique removable plug and play lithium battery with an option for a second battery on stand-by should your battery go flat half way through unloading a truck. It only takes 10 seconds to swap out the lithium battery which will eliminate downtime and add value to your business.


    Model: H15PM-Li

    Type: Electric Pallet Jack – Single Length with Lithium Battery

    Capacity: 1500kg

    Lift Height: 100mm

    Width: 685mm

    Length: 1610mm


    • Fingertip control handle
    • Regenerative braking, auto park brake
    • Brushless motor, maintenance free, high efficiency

    The lithium battery that will last up to 4 hours (24v) charging time is only 1 hour and comes with a separate 240v charger.

    Second Spare Battery Hire from $20 + GST per week

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