We have a range of first-class, brand new forklifts for sale

At Hyworth Forklifts, high quality is guaranteed.

We offer a range of late-model machinery that is built to tackle all your toughest workplace challenges.

3 Year Parts and Labour Manufacturer's Warranty available on selected new models.*

We make buying a new forklift as simple as possible

We understand that buying a brand new forklift can be a big decision for your business. This is why our sales team takes the time to understand your needs and learn about your business before recommending a product. We provide tailored advice, suggesting which brand new forklift from our range will best suit your needs. Alternatively, if you want to eliminate any ambiguity regarding your forklift purchase, we offer a ‘try before you buy’ option, where you can put a Hyworth machine to the test at your work site.

Make light work of your toughest projects

We promise to match you with a new Hyworth forklift for sale that will best increase your workplace efficiency. Whether you require power and durability or an agile machine to help you manoeuvre through small aisles, our staff can match you with the perfect new forklift for the job.

Try before you buy

Forklifts, reach trucks, electric pallet jacks and more.

View our range of dependable, new forklifts for sale

Our excellent range of new forklifts for sale come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with different reach and lift capacities to meet the unique demands of every business.

When it comes to buying a new forklift, we specialise in all warehouse forklift operations.

New forklifts for sale

We can handle all your workplace demands.

No matter how complicated the job, our modern forklifts can handle it. Hyworth Forklifts takes the guesswork out of buying a forklift. No matter what your demands are, our staff can match you with a new, heavy duty forklift that will last for years.

Our high quality, late-model machinery is engineered to handle even your toughest jobs. We have a team of experts who can provide precise and knowledgeable advice, answering any questions you may have. We offer onsite consultations, to ensure you are happy with how the machine operates in your specific workplace environment.

Buy new forklifts for sale

Brand new machinery for all your workplace needs

We have a range of cost effective new forklifts available depending on the model, size and lift capacity. Our range of lift capacities means we have the equipment to handle light or heavy loads. No matter what size or lift capacity your business needs, our forklifts are designed to meet the demands of any business, whether big and small.

Our machinery is bound to keep your business running without breakdowns or costly interruptions. When you buy a new forklift for sale, we can guarantee unrivalled durability and high-quality.

Large range of new forklift for sale in NSW with Hyworth’s guaranteed reliability

At Hyworth Forklifts, we have the ability to provide exceptional customer service, matching you with a new forklift that is reliable, safe and continues to get the job done.

Industry expert team

We provide solutions to tackle your most complex tasks.


We tell you your fees upfront so you can budget accordingly.

Industry-leading support

Expert breakdown support to keep your business moving.

Personalised service

We take out the complexity of hiring and purchasing a forklift.

Why Hyworth Forklifts?

What makes us a reputable and well-recognised forklift dealer, is our ability to provide tailored service for our customers. We aim to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction, ensuring our customers leave the warehouse with the right piece of machinery for their specific workplace needs.

Here’s why our customers love Hyworth Forklifts:

  • Tailored advice
  • Expert problem solving
  • Quick and easy purchase methods
  • Warranty on all purchase products
  • Modern equipment

We guarantee our highly attentive and knowledgeable staff, with a wealth of industry experience will be able to assist you with all your forklift needs

Can’t find what you are looking for? Hyworth Forklift’s perfect match tool will be able to help you buy a forklift that matches your needs.

Our customers most common forklift questions answered


What type of new forklifts does Hyworth Forklifts offer for sale?

Our diverse line-up at Hyworth Forklifts includes state-of-the-art models such as Electric Counterbalance, Walk Behind variations, Pallet Movers, agile Reach Trucks, and the powerful LPG/Gas Forklifts, tailored to meet a broad spectrum of industrial needs.

How does Hyworth ensure the quality of their brand new forklifts?

At Hyworth, quality is paramount. Our forklifts are meticulously curated, ensuring each machine is a top-tier, late-model gem that promises dependability and unmatched performance.

Is there a warranty on your new forklift models?

Certainly! We stand by the excellence of our products. That’s why selected new models come equipped with a generous 3 Year Parts and Labour Manufacturer’s Warranty for your peace of mind.

How does Hyworth simplify the process of buying a new forklift?

We pride ourselves on a seamless buying experience. Our seasoned sales team delves deep into understanding your unique business needs, ensuring you get a forklift that fits just right. And with our unique ‘try before you buy’ option, you can feel the Hyworth difference firsthand at your own site.

Are the new forklifts suitable for both large and small business operations?

Absolutely! At Hyworth Forklifts, we pride ourselves on our diverse collection of forklifts, each meticulously designed with different sizes and lift capacities. Whether you’re a budding start-up with modest requirements or an established industry player with comprehensive heavy-duty needs, our forklifts are engineered to guarantee maximum efficiency and productivity for every scale of operation.

Do you offer onsite consultations for your new forklifts?

Yes, we believe in a hands-on approach. Our experts are available for onsite consultations, evaluating your environment and ensuring your chosen machine aligns seamlessly with your operations.

What kind of support can I expect after buying a forklift from Hyworth?

Expect unwavering, prompt, and excellent customer support. Our industry-leading team is dedicated to ensuring you receive expert assistance whenever you face a breakdown. Moreover, our commitment to your success means we go above and beyond to provide guidance, address concerns, and keep your operations smooth. With Hyworth, you’re not just buying a forklift; you’re investing in a partnership that values your business continuity above all else.

Why should I choose Hyworth Forklifts for my forklift purchase?

Choosing Hyworth isn’t just about buying a machine; it’s about investing in a legacy. Hyworth stands for durability, state-of-the-art equipment, and unwavering support. With our seasoned team by your side, every forklift you purchase is more than just a transaction – it’s a partnership aimed at propelling your business to greater heights. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and unparalleled quality is what sets us apart in the industry.

What capacities do Hyworth's new forklifts offer?

Our forklifts are more than just tools; they show how dedicated we are to offering variety and top quality. Whether you’re moving something light and fragile or shifting heavy loads, our wide range of lift capacities means we have the right machine for you. From small jobs to big tasks, Hyworth is ready to help with reliable and straightforward solutions.

Are there any hidden fees when purchasing a new forklift from Hyworth?

Absolute transparency is our motto. With Hyworth, you’re always in the loop, with all fees clearly communicated upfront, so you can plan your finances without any surprises.

Can I view the range of new forklifts available for sale?

Of course! You’re welcome to come and see our wide range of forklifts yourself. Our showroom highlights our dedication to top quality. Each machine on display is carefully chosen because of its great design and modern features. By coming in, you can see and pick the best forklift for your needs.

How do I choose the best Hyworth forklift model for tight warehouse aisles?

For confined warehouse spaces, Hyworth’s Electric Counterbalance and Reach Trucks are ideal choices. Their design prioritises agility and efficiency in narrow spaces, ensuring seamless operations without compromising on safety.

I often deal with heavy-duty lifting. Which Hyworth forklift should I consider?

For businesses requiring heavy-duty operations, Hyworth’s LPG/Gas Forklifts are engineered to meet such demands. These robust models are perfectly suited for handling substantial loads, ensuring resilience and reliability during intensive tasks.

Are there environmentally-friendly forklift options available at Hyworth?

Certainly! Our Electric Counterbalance forklifts are a testament to our commitment to green operations. They not only reduce emissions but also operate with reduced noise levels, making them an eco-friendly and efficient choice for indoor workspaces.

“Great products, competitive prices”

Our customer reviews speak for themselves

Damian WalshDamian Walsh
01:36 22 Mar 24
David LlewellynDavid Llewellyn
10:16 06 Feb 24
Jay was very helpful. He provided us with a good recommendation, training session and follow up.
Glenn ScottGlenn Scott
05:46 17 Dec 23
Great product. Great presentation. Jay was straight to the point and easy to use.
Luke ChristieLuke Christie
22:22 07 Dec 23
Great service and super helpful team. Special thanks to Dean for his above and beyond service of our Walkie recently - 5 stars!
23:35 29 Nov 23
Our company recently hired a Hyworth walker-stacker, it’s so easy to use and being a small business we were able to train our office staff. Jay was a great trainer and highly recommend Jay from Hyworth!!
Martina StojceskaMartina Stojceska
22:58 29 Nov 23
We received our new warehouse forklift and met Jay. He give us training and I found it very helpful. The forklift is easy to operate and maneuver. We are very happy with the service and the product.
dane onoratidane onorati
03:17 29 Nov 23
Loving the walkie stacker! Top quality product and top quality customer service!
Anthony SpiesAnthony Spies
05:47 17 Nov 23
Love the forklift, does everything we need and more, Jay was very professional and easy to deal with
James ThurstonJames Thurston
05:18 17 Nov 23
Great forklift, delivered on time. And Jay ran us through everything we needed
Manuela SavicManuela Savic
03:05 15 Nov 23
Jay from Hyworth Forklifts did our training session for the Willkie Stacker our company has just hired. Jay was great explaining everything to us. Great experience.
CJ CheneryCJ Chenery
01:07 15 Nov 23
Had a training session with Jay this morning and found it great. Explained everything very clearly.
Ruth LangdonRuth Langdon
07:42 13 Nov 23
Jay from Hyworth Forklifts did our training session for the Walkie Stacker our company has just hired. Jay was extremely knowledgeable and took us step by step in the workings of the stacker. Jay”s manner was friendly and professional.