Electric Counterbalance

Our fleet of electric counterbalance forklifts are bound to make light work of your toughest jobs.

The environmentally friendly electric counterbalance forklift

Our electric counterbalance forklifts don’t emit any emissions which means no harmful gases and fumes. This means you can focus on your workplace productivity, whilst having the added peace of mind that your business practices are conscious of the environment.

With both three and four wheel options available, it is important to know which model will best suit the conditions of your workplace. Our four wheel electric counterbalance forklifts will remain stable, even on surfaces that are uneven and slippery. In comparison, our three wheel options offer a tight turning radius which is perfect for making sharp turns in narrow aisles.

All of our electric counterbalance forklifts have the benefit of being both efficient and environmentally friendly.

Looking for an electric counterbalance forklift that will boost your workplace productivity?

View our extensive range of electric counterbalance forklifts available to own or to rent.

Upgrade your warehouse with our Hyworth electric counterbalance forklift

One of Hyworth’s heavy duty electric counterbalance forklifts may be the powerful workhorse that your business is missing. Both the four wheel and three wheel electric forklifts offer a powerful and environmentally friendly alternative to the LPG engine.

Although our models offer a range of different lifting capacities and benefits, our electric counterbalance forklifts all have in common the ability to increase productivity and power, making it a great addition to any workplace.

Our range includes the Toyota 2.5T 4 Wheel Electric, Hyworth 2.5T 4 Wheel Electric, Toyota 2T 3 Wheel Electric, Hyworth 2T 3 Wheel Electric, Hyworth 1.8T 3 Wheel Electric and finally the Hyworth 1.5T 3 Wheel Electric.

For advice on choosing which counterbalance forklift will best suit your application, call our team on 1300 499 678 or fill in a contact form and we will respond as soon as possible.

Our team at Hyworth Forklifts can match you with the perfect piece of late model forklift machinery to take on all your warehouse challenges.


What is an electric counterbalance forklift?

An electric counterbalance is a forklift truck powered by an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine and uses rechargeable industrial batteries or external ways of conveying power. Due to their variety in terms of size and either a four or three wheel model, electric counterbalance forklifts are versatile and perfect for changing work environments.

How to drive an electric counterbalance forklift?

Our team is often asked how to drive an electric counterbalance forklift. Although these forklifts are simple to operate, it may seem difficult to someone who is unfamiliar with forklift operation. This is why we offer free forklift demonstrations on-site. Our trusty forklift operator can demonstrate how to drive our counterbalance forklift in your work environment and answer any further questions you may have.

Let us pair you with the perfect Hyworth electric counterbalance forklift!

At Hyworth Forklifts, we pride ourselves on providing a tailored service. We provide personalised advice to meet each customer’s specific business goals. All of our customers benefit from our team’s mix of industry expertise, problem solving ability and willingness to help our customers on a personal level. Our powerful Hyworth electric counterbalance forklifts will be able to take on any job, no matter how challenging and are the perfect versatile solution for many businesses’.

Could one of our electric counterbalance forklifts be exactly what your business is missing? Give our team a call and one of our helpful staff will be able to answer all your forklift queries.

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