Hyworth 2.5T 4 Wheel Electric

The Hyworth 2.5t four wheel electric forklift is a powerful workhorse capable of outperforming its LPG engine powered counterpart with the bonus of being very environmentally friendly especially for indoor operations. Powered by a 48 Volt battery, these forklifts offer greater stability on uneven surfaces and with wide loads compared to the three wheel models. With a higher lifting capacity of 2.5T, they suit applications where high intensity lifting cycles and ramps are common. These four wheel electric forklifts are suited for warehousing, cold storage, food and beverage manufacturing, wholesale, chemical, textile, rubber and much more.


    Model: H25BE4W

    Type: 4 Wheel Counterbalance Electric Forklift

    Capacity: 2500kg

    Lift Height: 4800mm


    • Operator Presence System
    • Container Mast
    • Sideshift and Fork Positioner

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