LPG/Gas Forklifts

Our extensive range of LPG/Gas forklifts provide a durable and reliable solution to any warehouse challenges.

LPG/Gas forklifts - powerful, reliable and durable

The LPG/Gas forklift is suitable for both indoor and outdoor work; making it the perfect solution for flexible work environments. When compared with diesel, the LPG/Gas forklift is a much cleaner fuel, which means it won’t pollute the air or leave dirty marks throughout your workplace.

Two key benefits of our LPG/Gas range are durability and reliability. LPG/Gas forklifts can provide better performance and power, typically exceeding the power found in their electric and diesel counterparts. This means you can carry heavy loads quickly, improving the productivity of your warehouse.

Some of the other advantages of forklifts which are gas powered include excellent fuel economy, high lifting capacities and fast acceleration.

Looking for an LPG/Gas forklift that will bring power and efficiency to your warehouse?

With our extensive range of gas forklifts to hire or buy, Hyworth can bring power and efficiency to your workplace.

LPG/Gas forklifts are perfect for all workplace conditions

At Hyworth Forklifts, we understand that every workplace has its own unique demands. If your workplace conditions vary from inside to outside and you need a reliable machine to get the job done right, one of our LPG/Gas forklifts for sale or hire could be what your business needs.

Our Hyworth LPG/Gas range are proven workhorses made for the Australian warehouse environment, offering tight turning circles and great maneuverability. Hyworth Forklifts offers forklifts that come with a Japanese Nissan engine, plus the added option to fit a fork positioner attachment if required. This means, when operating a Hyworth LPG/gas forklift, there is no longer a need to get off the forklift and physically move the heavy fork tines to align with different sized pallets.

Our team of experts at Hyworth Forklifts genuinely care about your business and aim to match you with the perfect machinery for your unique requirements.

Our customers most common forklift questions answered


Can I use the LPG/Gas forklift both inside and outside?

Yes! One of the main advantages of the LPG/Gas forklift is versatility. This machine can be relied on for both inside and outside conditions, perfect for flexible work environments. Whether you operate in confined spaces or a large, outdoor space, the LPG/Gas forklift is versatile to handle a range of different environments.

What forklift license do I need to operate an LPG/Gas forklift?

You will require a high risk work licence, specifically an LF (Licence to Operate A Forklift Truck) if you wish to operate a forklift in NSW. An LF license will allow you to drive most forklift types, with no restriction on the size of the forklift you can operate.

How will I know if my LPG/Gas forklift is safe?

If you hire or buy an LPG/gas forklift from our team at Hyworth Forklifts, you can be rest assured it has been safety checked and maintained by our very capable team. However, it is crucial that a pre-start safety check is conducted each time you operate any forklift and you report any safety concerns immediately. If you are looking to improve your forklift safety, we’ve explained 6 surefire ways to improve forklift safety.

We are forklift experts who speak your language

At Hyworth Forklifts, we provide all our customers with a tailored service. We take the time to understand the diverse situation of each client, before recommending a forklift that will best meet their unique requirements. Our customised recommendations ensure each customer receives the best value for their money. With a combination of industry knowledge, problem solving talents and personalised customer care, our team is equipped with the skills to match you with a Hyworth gas forklift that is sure to boost your workplace productivity.

Let Hyworth Forklifts turn your workplace into a productivity powerhouse! We are always happy to help answer your questions and pair you with the perfect LPG/Gas forklift for your needs.

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