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At Hyworth Forklifts, we offer a full range of quality reach trucks that are essential to the functioning of any warehouse.

Reach truck forklifts - the high reach solution your warehouse needs

As the name suggests, reach trucks enable operators to maneuver heavy loads onto high shelves and therefore are one of the greatest assets for many warehouse owners. They are designed to be able to navigate through narrower aisles of your warehouse, while carrying heavy loads.

Reach trucks are designed to place the heavy weight of a load up front, while the driving wheel at the back allows for a tighter turning circle and greater maneuverability. Offering a high reach, this allows for a more spacious warehouse, as your aisles can be stacked taller and narrower.

Once you can stack your warehouse products up high, you will inevitably be able to store more inventory, while not using extra aisle space. In addition, having a reach truck at your disposal means your team can move around products at any height, with ease.

It is no surprise that warehouse owners find reach trucks an essential tool to increase productivity in their warehouse operations.

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Discover the benefits of our Hyworth reach truck forklifts

Our Hyworth reach truck forklifts are perfect for operating in narrow aisles with pallets racking as high as 8.5m. Our reach trucks allow you to get more out of your existing vertical space, create narrower aisles and therefore create a compact warehouse storage layout.

We offer an extensive range of quality high reach forklift trucks which includes our BT 1.6T Ride On Reach Truck, Toyota 1.6T Ride On Reach Truck and finally our Hyworth 1.6T Ride On Reach Truck. Our experienced team is able to provide tailored recommendations based on your business circumstances and ensure they match you with the perfect model for your workplace needs.

If you are looking to improve your workplace productivity, one of our Hyworth reach trucks is the asset your warehouse needs.

Our team of experts at Hyworth Forklifts genuinely care about your business and aim to match you with the perfect reach truck forklift for your unique requirements.

Our customers most common forklift questions answered


How much do reach truck forklifts cost?

The cost of reach trucks can vary depending on whether you choose to hire or purchase. Depending on your specific workplace requirements, hiring can be a great way to cut the cost and avoid the large upfront investment of ownership.

This is because hiring leaves maintenance, operating costs and safety checks to the experts. Plus with Hyworth Forklift’s tailored contracts, you can be sure you are only paying for what you use. In addition, for all our hire reach truck forklifts, the cost is tax-deductible, which means you can leave excess costs to the experts and focus on your business.

Can you operate reach trucks outside?

Yes you can, as long as the outside area has sufficiently flat floors. However, our reach trucks are battery electric powered, which means they are unable to work in the rain.

It is also important to note that the size of the wheels will depend on the level of the incline the reach truck forklift will be able to move up safely.

What are the benefits of a reach truck?

Our Hyworth reach trucks have been manufactured with warehouse requirements of high pallet racking and narrow aisles at the forefront of its design. These machines allow you to stack products at a greater height and maximise the use of your warehouse space.

The Hyworth reach truck can work in narrows aisles as the drive wheel is underneath the driver which allows for a tighter turning radius.

How can I be sure I operate the reach truck safely?

At Hyworth Forklifts, our reach trucks come with quality safety features to keep you and your operators as safe as possible. When operating a reach truck forklift, safety should be your number one priority. You should ensure you have been adequately trained on operating the equipment prior to use. To increase the safety of yourself and others around you, use barriers, caution signs and walkways to protect pedestrians from moving reach trucks.

Wearing high visibility clothing will also help pedestrians to notice the operator and steer clear, even when the operator’s vision is obstructed. There are many other safety precautions you should take prior to operating a reach truck forklift. To find out our top safety suggestions, read our blog post.

Hyworth’s forklift experts will match you with a reach truck that is right for you.

At Hyworth Forklifts, we provide a personalised service. We work with each customer to understand their unique business goals, tailor our recommendations and help businesses increase productivity. For every customer we speak to, our team offers a blend of material handling experience, problem solving skills, and quality service on a personal level. Our Hyworth reach truck forklifts are the perfect tool for navigating between narrower aisles and reaching high shelves with ease.

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