Client: Sasha Marks

Business: Creamsource

Perfect match forklift: Hyworth 1.4T Walkie Reach Forklift

Client background & environment

In 2004, the International company Creamsource set its sights on designing gear that solves problems for the film and television industry. Since then, Creamsource has evolved the industry, pioneering lighting and innovation products and coming into contact with some of the most progressive companies in the content production world.

“The folks at Hyworth have been very helpful at all stages of the hire process, including arranging collection of our old forklift. Top service!”

Sasha Marks, CTO, Creamsource

The challenge

Creamsource was in the process of relocating to a larger warehouse in St Leonard’s when their existing ride-on-reach broke down. At the same time, their tenancy agreement was about to expire, and they required a new forklift urgently to complete the move.

Our racking partner, My Warehouse Solutions had assisted with their pallet racking in the past and referred Hyworth, knowing that we would be capable of supplying Creamsource with the perfect match forklift quickly and efficiently.

Creamsource's requirements

After speaking about the move with Creamsource’s CTO, Sasha Marks, we realised that we had previously supplied several forklifts to different businesses within the St Leonards complex. Therefore, we were already familiar with which of our models would best suit their warehouse environment. However, true to our brand promise, we insisted on completing a site survey to ensure the chosen model perfectly suited every aspect of their unique requirements.

Our approach

We assessed their warehouse and applied our advanced knowledge of the forklift industry to recommend a forklift that would allow them to thrive in their new, flat and tight warehouse environment.

Made for confined spaces and able to reach Creamsources’ top beam height of 5000mm, the Hyworth 1.4T Walkie Reach Forklift proved the perfect fit. In addition, this type of forklift does not require a license to operate, which meant multiple team members would be able to operate the forklift.

During the site survey, we encountered an additional challenge. The existing racking was set at 5000mm at the top beam, and some pallets were worn. Removing the worn pallets at such a height and in a congested area presented quite a challenge. However, our team’s experience in forklift operations led us to seamlessly demonstrate bringing down the old pallets.

We inducted several Creamsources team members, leaving them confident that they could operate the Walkie Reach safely and efficiently.

The result

Impressed by our expertise and willingness to visit their site, Creamsource also asked us to recommend a forklift model for their US warehouse based on supplied floor plans, which we were happy to do at no additional cost.

We had Creamsource’s new machine delivered within two weeks, helping them dispose of their old ride-on-reach. Overall, their team can now continue their operations at their new warehouse, providing lighting and innovative products to television and film companies worldwide.

It’s safe to say that Creamsource was thrilled with our service quality!

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