Glass & Hardware Solutions

Client: Min Hui

Business: Glass & Hardware Solutions

Perfect match forklift: Hyworth 2.5T Gas Forklift with 4.8m lift

Client background & environment

For the past 10 years, Glass & Hardware Solutions have added beautiful splashbacks, glass screens and windows to home and commercial complexes across Sydney. Specialising in all aspects of hardware and glass processing, their Carlton warehouse is home to their extensive range of glassware, shower screens, hinges, brackets and more.

Glass & Hardware Solutions

The challenge

When Glass & Hardware Solutions first approached us, they were upfront that we weren’t the only forklift supplier they had been in contact with. New to the forklift industry, they were in the process of comparing a range of quotes and were still trying to gain an understanding of the costs involved.

Further contact with their team revealed that a high degree of learning would be required from both ends. For our team, we needed to understand their specific warehouse environment, expectations and future goals for their business. For them, a deep understanding of the process, what is included in our service offerings, and the pros and cons of hire vs. buy would be essential.

Glass & Hardware Solutions’ requirements

We asked the owner, Min a series of questions over the phone to gain a better understanding of his requirements. Min spoke of needing a standard container mast forklift to unload containers at their new premises. With no current pallet racking at their new warehouse, Min was planning to block stack the pallets off the containers.

After speaking on the phone, we recommended a site survey as the next step. Their uncertainty required guidance, patience and reassurance, and our teams willingness to take the extra time to educate their team proved to be a deciding factor in their choice to agree with our recommendation.

Our approach

A site visit was critical to ensure we accurately measured their space, understood their requirements and Min’s future plans for the business.

After assessing their space, we knew the machine needed to safely navigate a ramp on the side of the warehouse to access shipments and deliveries. Although Min spoke of one specific requirement, we explained that a versatile forklift would enable his team to complete an array of tasks more efficiently.

We recommended the 2.5-tonne LPG Counterbalance Forklift, which was versatile for both indoor and outdoor usage. This machine would allow their team to travel inside their shipping container, but also remain stable when travelling up and down the slope at the side of the warehouse.

The result

After understanding their needs and addressing their concerns in all aspects of pricing, servicing and breakdown support, we organised a long-term hire that matched their needs. Min was incredibly pleased with our team’s genuine interest in his business, and ability to have their forklift delivered and ready to go within three weeks.

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