Client name: Rodney Thomas

Business name: StairTek 

Perfect match forklift: Hyworth 1.8T Gas Forklift 4.5m Lift Container Mast

Client background & environment

Sydney-based staircase and balustrade specialists Stairtek are experts in carpentry and joinery. When Rodney’s business expanded in 2018, he added an old Nissan Stubby forklift to the fleet. Since 2018, Stairtek had been relying on this old forklift.

“We recently purchased a 1.8T Gas Forklift from Hyworth Forklifts. What started as an online enquiry ended up with Jay on-site the very next day. I am still awaiting responses from other companies. Meanwhile, we have had the new forklift for three weeks now. Hyworth put a range of options and pricing together to cover all possible options, from renting through to outright purchasing. Really happy with the process and service Hyworth provided and would recommend highly. Thanks to Jay, Jonathan and Bridget for all your efforts in providing us with a great machine.”

Rodney Thomas

Rodney's old Forklift

The challenge

Rodney’s outdated Nissan Stubby hadn’t been serviced since moving to his factory in 2018. Fearing that a new machine wouldn’t live up to the high expectations set by his old Nissan, Rodney was tossing up whether to overhaul his existing machine or buy a brand new one.

Having assessed Rodney’s forklift and determined the repairs needed, it was clear that upgrading to a new forklift would be the most cost-effective option.

StairTek's requirements

Rodney revealed that the primary purpose of the forklift was to transport long boards around his outdoor environment. StairTek’s work space was typically dusty, with sawdust from cutting timber and MDF particle boards circling around the area. It was critical that our team kept this in mind when recommending the perfect replacement forklift.

Hyworth 1.8T Gas Forklift 4.8m Lift Container Mast

Our approach

Rodney was upfront that we weren’t the only forklift company he had been speaking with. In search of a great deal, he was in talks with several different companies. We scheduled a next-day site visit within 24 hours of receiving his initial enquiry.

While no other forklift company could give him the exact answer he was looking for, we promised to recommend a forklift that was the perfect match for the Stairtek warehouse. We recommended the Hyworth 1.8T Gas Forklift. This forklift would allow Rodney and his team to easily shift different inventory without physically moving from the forklift.

During the visit, Rodney sought extra information regarding our different financing options. We were happy to explain all the available options in detail, including hire, buy and lease to own.

The result

We helped Rodney take advantage of the instant tax write-off for the financial year. Rodney was impressed by our willingness to visit his site the next day, and carefully guide him through the available finance options to ensure he ended up with the best possible outcome. As you can imagine, Rodney was thrilled with his overall experience.

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