ZTR Foods

Client: Tyron Tian

Business: ZTR Foods

Perfect match forklift: Hyworth 1.4T Walkie Reach Stacker Compact 3.8m Lift

Client background & environment

ZTR Foods specialises in fresh and gourmet food retailing and online ordering. They approached Hyworth with plans to expand their business and relocate to a larger warehouse to support their growth.

ZTR foods

“I was in the market for an electric forklift and contacted a few major suppliers. Hyworth were the only ones to come through and meet our needs. I would recommend Hyworth Forklifts 100% both as a company and quality of product. Jay in particular from Hyworth was amazing. He had over-the-top service and ensured that we were looked after from start to finish of the process and delivered on everything he promised.”

ZTR Foods

The challenge

When it comes to material handling, cold store operations can present quite a challenge. Their role in the food warehousing industry meant they needed to operate in cold storage down to 5 degrees Celsius.

When ZTR Foods first approached us, they had been operating with one walkie stacker, which provided no reach and limited capacity. They couldn’t side load outside of their storage room, which was slowing down their business operations.

It was time their team purchased a new forklift which would help them improve their warehouse productivity and expand their business. When searching our website, the client was intrigued by the Moonwalk feature on the Walkie Reach Forklift and reached out to learn more.

ZTR Foods' requirements

ZTR Foods’ had just signed a lease for a larger unit in their complex and were looking to expand their fleet. They were excited to explore and trial advanced features that would allow their business to achieve more.

Due to their unique environment, careful measurement and planning would be required to ensure we recommended a forklift which ticked all of their boxes. 

Our approach

A site survey was essential in understanding all aspects of their environment. The forklift would need to withstand cold temperatures, squeeze through tight aisles, lift heavy pallets and fit through a low clearance door.

After thoroughly assessing their environment and understanding their plans to evolve their new warehouse, we confidently recommended the Hyworth 1.4T Walkie Reach Stacker. This machine would be perfect for travelling between narrow aisles and tight spaces. Plus, by providing a 3700mm lift height, their team would also be able to maximise their new warehouse space.

The result

With their new Walkie Reach Stacker, ZTR Foods can now squeeze through tight spaces, reach high shelves, and withstand temperatures down to 5 degrees Celsius. We knew the client needed the forklift fast, so we ensured we had their machine delivered within two weeks of the initial contact.

ZTR Foods was grateful for our genuine care and commitment to understanding their requirements and can now operate efficiently in their new warehouse environment.

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