Common forklift types, their benefits and their applications

Whether for a warehouse, facility or factory, a forklift is essential in material handling and transporting goods efficiently. They are dependable machines that keep businesses moving and ensure the supply chain runs smoothly. 

Forklifts come in various types, each with its benefits and functionality. Before hiring or purchasing a forklift, it is essential to understand each machine’s key usages, strengths and weaknesses to determine which model would best suit your needs. 

Below, we cover the common types of forklifts, their features and applications to help you better understand and decide which forklift best fits your needs.

LPG/Gas forklifts

The LPG/Gas forklift is the perfect solution for flexible working conditions. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. This machine utilises a cleaner fuel compared to diesel, not leaving pollution or dirty marks on your workplace.

This forklift has power and performance that exceeds the electric and diesel counterparts, carrying heavy loads with ease and improving the productivity of your warehouse. 

Electric counterbalance forklifts

The electric counterbalance forklift is a powerful and environmentally friendly alternative to the LPG engine. It enables you to focus on increasing your workplace productivity whilst having the added peace of mind that your business practices are conscious of the environment.

At Hyworth Forklifts, we have three and four-wheel options, each with its own benefits. The four-wheel option will remain stable, even in uneven and slippery terrain. In contrast, with its tight turning radius, the three-wheel option is best suited for workplaces with smaller, narrow aisles.

Reach truck forklifts

The reach truck forklifts enable operators to manoeuvre heavy loads onto high shelves. It is designed to navigate through narrow aisles while carrying heavy loads.

Reach trucks place the heavy weight of a load up front, while the driving wheel at the back allows for a tighter turning circle and greater manoeuvrability. The high reach enables you to stack your aisles taller and easily move products at any height.

Walk behind forklifts

A walk-behind forklift is designed for confined spaces with excellent lift height and manoeuvrability. They are perfect for navigating narrow aisles as they require less space to operate.

The walkie-stackers do not emit polluted exhaust, leaving less of a carbon footprint. They are essential to every warehouse as they can effortlessly carry heavy products and navigate between the tight aisles. 

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