Fixed Price Service Schedule -
Walkie Stacker

Service Schedule
PRICE $292
PRICE $430
Carry out operational function check
Battery condition & fluid check
Specific gravity of battery fluid
Check gearbox oil level / condition
Check steering components
Check drive wheel wear / condition
Check drive wheel nuts
Check load wheels and bearings
Check brake operation
Check hydraulic oil
Check tynes for wear
Check lift chains for wear & tension
Adjust / Lubricate lift chains
Check / Lubricate carriage rollers
Check / Lubricate mast rollers
Check mast roller clearance
Check mast wear & operation
Check all hydraulic functions & attachments
Check fault codes
Check reach mechanism
Gear oil

The recommended service intervals are 6 months or 250 hrs (whichever occurs first).

The Hyworth Forklifts Fixed Price Service Schedule applies to the following six (6) eligible scheduled services only:

  • 6 months / 250 hour Scheduled Service x 5
  • 36 months / 1500 hour Scheduled Service x 1

Rates valid until 30 June 2023.

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