Crown 1.5T Walkie Reach Stacker Used

Discover the Crown 1.5T Walkie Reach Stacker: a user-friendly, 1.5-tonne capacity machine with a 4.4m lift. Equipped with reach, tilt, and lift functions, it’s ideal for varied tasks and settings. Fully serviced with a comprehensive history for assured reliability, this stacker requires no forklift licence, broadening its usability. We offer a 3-month parts and labour warranty and ship Australia-wide, ensuring quality and accessibility.

$10,000.00 +GST

Forklift Details

Discover the Crown 1.5T Walkie Reach Stacker, tailored to deliver exceptional performance in various environments. This stacker is not only practical but also ensures operational safety and efficiency.

Product Specifications

The Crown 1.5T Walkie Reach Stacker is an electric-powered stacker with a 1.5-tonne capacity and a lift height of 4.4 metres. Its design focuses on user-friendliness and versatility in different operational contexts.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Operations

This stacker is equipped with reach, tilt, and lift capabilities, offering adaptability and precision for handling diverse load types. The full-service history and recent servicing ensure its readiness for immediate use in your operations.

Quality Assurance and Support

We pride ourselves on offering high-quality products. This Crown 1.5T Walkie Reach Stacker comes with a 3-month parts and labour warranty, demonstrating our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Delivery Options

Our Australia-wide shipping service ensures that you can receive this equipment wherever you are based, simplifying the process of enhancing your operational capabilities.


Crown 1.5T Walkie Reach Stacker Questions? We've Got Your Answers

The Crown 1.5T Walkie Reach Stacker boasts a lifting capacity of 1.5 tonnes, which is ideal for handling a wide array of materials in diverse settings, from warehouses to manufacturing plants.

This stacker offers an impressive lift height of 4.4 metres, enabling efficient stacking and retrieval in various storage environments, especially where vertical space utilisation is crucial.

The stacker includes reach, tilt, and lift functions. These features provide enhanced versatility in handling loads, allowing for precise positioning and maneuverability in confined spaces.

Yes, the stacker comes with a comprehensive service history. This record assures potential buyers of its well-maintained condition and reliability over its operational life.

Absolutely, the stacker has undergone rigorous workshop testing and servicing. This process ensures that every component functions correctly, offering customers confidence in its operational safety and efficiency.

One of the significant advantages of this stacker is that it doesn’t require a forklift licence to operate. This feature makes it accessible and usable by a broader range of personnel in various business environments.

The stacker is backed by a 3-month parts and labour warranty. This warranty serves as a testament to our confidence in the product’s quality and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Yes, we provide comprehensive shipping options across Australia. Regardless of your location, we ensure that the stacker can be delivered to your doorstep, offering convenience and accessibility.

This model is indeed electric-powered, which highlights its efficiency and environmental friendliness. The electric power feature makes it suitable for indoor use, as it emits no fumes and operates quietly.

The design of this stacker focuses on user-friendliness and versatility, making it an ideal choice for a variety of operational contexts. Whether in tight warehouse spaces or open industrial areas, its capabilities ensure it meets diverse material handling needs efficiently.

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