Pros & cons: Electric vs LPG/Gas forklifts

If you are new to forklift operations, it may be challenging to know whether an electric forklift or an LPG/Gas forklift will be the best choice. Both forklifts have unique advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to start by gaining a thorough understanding of each machine type. 

When assessing the pros and cons of each machine, it’s essential to think in relation to your specific financial and environmental situation. To help get you started, we’ve broken down the pros and cons of each:

LPG/ Gas

The LPG/Gas forklift is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage; making it the perfect solution for flexible work environments. Two key benefits that come with LPG/Gas range are durability and reliability, which means these machines can be trusted to handle heavy workloads for long periods of time. In addition to this, there are many other benefits of the LPG/Gas forklift, including: 


More power than electric – Having more power and durability, LPG forklifts can perform better than electric forklifts. The LGP forklift can last for extended periods of time and handle heavier workloads and gradients. 

Convenient refuelling – LPG-powered forklifts are quick and easy to refuel, typically taking only a few minutes to replace the tank. To refuel, the operator needs to detach the gas tank, replace it and secure the new tank. Due to being easily replaceable, the forklift is kept running efficiently, and workflow is not disrupted for extended periods of time. 

Broad application – Versatile and flexible, the LPG/Gas forklift can be used by many forklift operators across a broad range of industries. LPG/Gas forklifts can handle a large lifting capacity, helping businesses lift heavy loads quickly and efficiently. 


Safety risks – Unfortunately, LPG cylinders can leak, which can become a health risk if safety protocols are not followed correctly. A leak can cause potential harm to the health and safety of yourself and your employees. Therefore, it’s important to undergo regular, efficient safety training.

Increased risk of injury – As the rearward visibility is generally restricted due to the location of the cylinder, this can lead to the increased risk of an accident and injury claims.

Electric forklifts 

One of the major benefits of using an electric forklift is the ‘green tick’ that comes with it. Having the advantage of being environmentally suitable, electric forklifts give businesses the peace of mind they are playing their part in contributing to sustainability. 

Despite the higher upfront cost, electric forklifts can be a worthwhile investment for many businesses looking to improve their work efficiency without harming the environment. 


Electric forklifts are far more environmentally friendly – Electric forklifts emit zero greenhouse gases. This means they are the suitable choice for sensitive environments, such as food production or medical warehousing. 

No compromise on performance – LPG forklifts may be deemed as more powerful, however, electric forklifts come with the benefit of being superior to operators in confined spaces. Electric forklifts have a centrally located battery, which causes the centre of gravity to be lower, resulting in superior stability and manoeuvrability.  
Safer and healthier work environment – Operating forklifts every day can leave employees exposed to unavoidable hazards. By emitting zero greenhouse gasses, employees can feel safer and healthier in their work environment.


Outdoor use – Electric forklifts are designed for tight indoor warehouse environments. Due to their reliance on electronics, they are not designed for outdoor usage and can be easily damaged if this is attempted.  

Battery charging – Forgetting to charge your battery overnight can result in a loss of productivity the following day.

So, which forklift is the right choice for me?

Both LPG/Gas forklifts and electric forklifts come with their own set of unique advantages and disadvantages. To discover which forklift is right for you, the best thing to do is talk to an expert. 

Our experienced forklift operators use an in-depth understanding of your situation, helping to recommend which forklift type will best suit your requirements, including budget, environment and workload. 

Contact our expert team today at 1300HYWORTH. 

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