The ultimate guide to servicing your forklift

Forklift service and maintenance should be an integral part of your forklift operations. Whether you own a single forklift or work with a large fleet, this article provides expert insight into the benefits of servicing and questions to ask to ensure you get the most out of our next service. 

While servicing can be frustrating, especially when there’s nothing seemingly wrong with your machine, working behind the scenes in the forklift industry has shown us just how essential servicing your forklift can be. 

Here are four benefits of regular forklift servicing: 

  1. Save money – Regularly servicing your forklift ensures we get a handle on minor problems before they escalate, lowering your long-term maintenance costs.
  1. Increase the lifespan of your forklift – Spotting signs of damage early and replacing items before they break helps to increase the life of your forklift.
  1. Avoid unexpected breakdowns – An unserviced forklift is prone to breakdowns. Without servicing, your forklift could break down when you need it most.
  1. Improve your on-site safety – Regular servicing gives you the peace of mind that a certified mechanic has thoroughly screened your machine. 

To keep your forklift in its pristine condition, it’s essential to have the right team on your side will give you a fair servicing price, service your machine quickly and efficiently and keep you accountable for regular servicing. 

It’s important to ask questions regarding forklift servicing at the time you are purchasing a new or used forklift. To help you feel prepared, here are three crucial questions to ask when buying a forklift:

Does this machine come with fix-priced servicing?

Fixed price servicing helps you save money by removing the threat of inflated costs. Having these costs agreed on in advance allows you to adequately plan for your business without the fear of being burdened by unexpected costs. 

Our answer: At Hyworth Forklifts, we offer fixed-price servicing on our range of new, quality machinery range.

How will I know when my forklift is due for service?

Just because you may not recognise any obvious signs of damage, doesn’t mean it isn’t time to service your forklift. To avoid waiting until it’s too late, choose a forklift company that will keep track of your machine’s service history for you.

Our answer: At Hyworth Forklifts, we have systems in place that allow us to notify our customers when their forklift is due for a service. 

What do you check during the forklift service?

Asking this question gives you an understanding of what the mechanic will be checking during the service, such as breaks, tyres, forks, fluids and batteries.

Our answer: Our on-site mechanics are trained to thoroughly inspect all parts of your forklift, with your safety top of mind. 

Looking for a forklift company that genuinely cares about maintaining your machine’s condition? Get in touch with our expert teams to purchase a forklift with servicing options that suit your needs. 

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