Horseley Dental Supplies

Client: Lawrence Tsang

Business: Horseley Dental Supplies

Perfect match forklift: Hyworth 2T Lithium Electric Pallet Jack

Client background & environment

If you’re not part of the dental industry, what occurs behind the scenes to bring the specialised equipment from the factory to the dentists has likely never crossed your mind.

Since 1990, Horseley Dental Supplies has supplied dentists across NSW with specialised equipment, including hand instruments, endodontic, orthodontic materials and resins.

Horseley Dental Supplies

The challenge

Horseley Dental Supplies required a forklift to support their team in transporting inventory from their vehicle into their indoor warehouse and around the warehouse.

At first glance, this seemed like a simple task. However, the main challenge would be finding a machine that would allow the Horseley Dental team to move 500kg pallets over the 7.5-degree slope safely.

We also knew that Horsely Dental Supplies required the forklift urgently. Lawrence was pleasantly surprised at our team’s willingness to send out a sales representative to their site despite the likelihood of it being a one-off sale.

Horseley Dental's requirements

Once we were made aware of their unique working conditions, we knew a site survey would be imperative for us to recommend a suitable machine for the job.

Previously reliant on a Ride On Reach truck, Lawrence sought an efficient alternative to allow his team to move pallets over the slope outside while shifting large amounts of heavy inventory around their indoor warehouse.

Our approach

As part of our tailored service, we organised to visit their workplace to conduct a thorough site survey. The site survey revealed they needed a compact, lightweight, and versatile machine to operate both indoors and outdoors. Considering their maximum weight and type of terrain, we recommended a 2T Lithium Pallet Mover.

Having explained the advantages, we insisted on first performing an on-site product demonstration to ensure the pallet mover would be able to navigate the slope safely.

The result

After a successful product demonstration, it was clear that the 2T Lithium Pallet Mover was able to safely navigate the slope and proved to be the perfect match for Horsely Dental Supplies.

Impressed by our attention to detail, in-depth site assessment and product demonstration, Lawrence described our process as the “best service in Australia.”

We look forward to working with their team again in the future!

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