Client: David Rowe

Business: PetO

Perfect match forklift: Hyworth 2T Lithium Electric Pallet Jack

Client background & environment

If you’ve got a furry friend at home, you’re likely familiar with the PetO brand. Specialising in retail for pet accessories of all shapes and sizes, PetO now has 13 stores across NSW since opening in 2007. During PetO’s early years of operation, owner, David Rowe approached Hyworth looking to upgrade their outdated Crown forklift.

The challenge

During a discussion with our team, owner, David of PetO spoke of his long-term goal to modernise the material handling equipment in all PetO Sydney Metropolitan branches. This required a seamless and consistent equipment upgrade in each store.

While the forklift upgrade across all branches would be a gradual process, we knew we’d have no problems accommodating the client’s requests. Plus, the client was informed that an interim forklift would always be available. By providing a plan B, PetO felt at ease that their stores would be able to continue to operate smoothly and efficiently at all times.

PetO’s requirements

PetO required a machine that would support its team to shift large amounts of inventory quickly and efficiently. Unique to PetO’s operations, the machine would be operated by multiple PetO employees with varying levels of experience in forklift operations. Recognising that some employees would have little to no experience or no forklift licence, the recommended machine needed to be compact, versatile and easy to maneuver.

Our approach

Regularly performing site inspections, Hyworth Forklifts is extremely familiar with PetO’s warehouse layout. We combined our knowledge of their indoor warehouse environment with a deep understanding of their unique requirements to recommend our Hyworth Lithium Electric Pallet Jack.

The client was explained the benefits of the Lithium Electric Pallet Jack, including the ways it can support productivity with a 4-hour lasting battery, efficient charging time and option for a second battery on stand-by.

Within a week of their request, we had organised the delivery of the forklifts to all stores. Our team performed an on-site demonstration at each store on how to safely operate and charge the Lithium Electric Pallet Jacks.

The result

Having now supplied multiple PetO stores with brand new, Hyworth machinery, we know the PetO team are more than satisfied with their easy to navigate, compact and fast-moving Pallet Jack. Now able to safely manage the demands of their warehouse, it goes without saying the PetO team are loving putting their new machine to work.

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