How we help you find your perfect match forklift

If you’re looking to improve your workplace productivity and efficiency, it’s important to choose the right forklift for your business. When determining which forklift best suits your needs, there are many factors to consider. For our team at Hyworth Forklifts, we follow a series of essential steps that allow us to understand your requirements and recommend a quality machine that perfectly matches your needs. 

So you know what to expect when purchasing or hiring a forklift from Hyworth Forklifts, here are five steps we take to understand your requirements. 

1. Top-level phone call

Before we organise a meeting, we need to gain a top-level understanding of each customer’s requirements. At this stage, we won’t make any recommendations as to which forklift model would best suit your needs, as many additional factors still need to be considered. 

We will, however, ask top-level questions such as if you have had much experience with forklift operations or if you are looking to trade in your existing forklift. We often find that customers may speak of wanting one thing at this stage, only to end up purchasing a different piece of machinery. 

2. Clearance heights and load capacity

Different forklift models are suitable for different environments. Therefore, it’s essential to consider factors such as the machine’s clearance height and load capacity. To ensure accuracy, one of our experienced team members can come to your site and carefully measure your clearance height and determine the maximum load you will need to transport. Understanding these factors will help us match you with a forklift that will support your team to efficiently complete as many tasks as possible. 

3. Assessing unique aspects of your environment

Our experienced team are trained to notice unique aspects of your environment, such as a slight slope in your driveway, which can influence the type of forklift we recommend. In addition, some companies may have a cold storage unit or be required to transport inventory from outside to inside, which requires a particular type of machine. Every environment is unique, and our team ensures we pay close attention to all aspects of your environment. 

4. Asking about the future of your business

Forklifts can be a long-term investment, so it’s essential to have one that will support the future plans for your business. Upon assessing your requirements, our team will ask if you have plans to relocate, downsize or expand your business. In addition to understanding your short-term needs, discussing your business goals allows us to match you with a machine that will benefit you in the long term.

5. Performing a site survey

For almost every business we work with, we recommend a site survey as a critical step to understanding their requirements. During a site survey, we will assess all aspects of your environment, including the type of terrain, whether you are operating indoors or outdoors, your existing pallet racking, the aisle width and more. All of these factors in combination will help us to recommend the perfect forklift to improve your workplace productivity and efficiency. 

Now you are familiar with the steps we take to understand your requirements, it’s time to find the perfect match!

Get in touch with our experienced team on 1300 499 678 for personalised advice and assistance in choosing the right forklift for your workplace. 

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