What is a high reach forklift? A comprehensive guide

Warehouses today face the challenge of storing more products, whether due to increased online shopping or simply businesses expanding their offerings. Efficient storage is the name of the game, and that’s where high reach forklifts step in. These machines are vital in helping warehouses use space to its fullest potential. But what is a high reach forklift? It’s a special type of forklift designed to get to those high shelves and tight corners, making stacking and moving items much easier. In this post, we’ll explore the importance of these forklifts in today’s bustling warehouse environment. If you want to know how to maximise your storage capabilities, you’re in the right place.

Raising warehousing standards: What is a high reach forklift?

At its core, a high reach forklift is a specialised machine designed to, well, reach high. But what sets it apart from other forklifts? Let’s break it down.

Traditional counterbalance forklifts are what most people picture when they think of forklifts. They have a solid base and a straightforward lifting mechanism, which allows them to lift and transport goods at ground level or to moderate heights. These machines are balanced by the weight they carry, hence the name “counterbalance”.

Now, compare this to high reach forklifts. As the name suggests, these are built to reach much higher shelves in warehouses. But it’s not just about height. One of their standout features is their ability to operate in narrow aisles. This is crucial because many modern warehouses optimise space by having shelves closer together. Traditional forklifts would struggle here, but high reach forklifts, often known as reach trucks, are in their element. They’re designed to glide smoothly between tight spots, ensuring that every inch of vertical space in a warehouse is utilised.

So, when someone asks, “What is a high reach forklift?” you can confidently say it’s the go-to machine for modern warehouses that need to stack high and save space.

The role of reach trucks in warehouse productivity

When we talk about warehouse efficiency, reach trucks play a starring role. These aren’t just any ordinary machines; their unique design sets them apart, ensuring warehouses run like well-oiled machines.

Firstly, let’s dive into the anatomy of a reach truck. Unlike other forklifts, reach trucks have their heavy weight positioned up front, which provides stability, especially when lifting hefty loads to great heights. Meanwhile, the driving wheel is located at the back. This might seem like a minor detail, but it’s game-changing. It grants the machine a tighter turning circle, which, combined with its stellar manoeuvrability, means it can navigate even the narrowest of warehouse aisles with ease.

Now, you might wonder, “Why is manoeuvrability so crucial?” Here’s the thing: warehouses are all about maximising space. Every inch counts. With the ability to stack products up high, reach trucks allow businesses to house more inventory without the need for extra aisle space. This vertical storage strategy is both efficient and economical.

So, when evaluating the role of reach trucks in warehouse productivity, it’s evident they’re not just vehicles that move products. They’re pivotal tools that reshape how storage spaces function. By taking advantage of the high lift and compact design of reach trucks, warehouses can truly optimise their operations, ensuring products are stored efficiently and accessed swiftly.

What is a high reach forklift? Hyworth’s premier solution

At Hyworth Forklifts, we pride ourselves on advancing warehouse efficiency by providing a diverse range of high reach solutions. Our suite of models is tailored to meet various needs, ensuring that every warehouse operation achieves optimal productivity. Let’s delve deeper into these cutting-edge models.

Hyworth 1.6T Ride On Reach Truck: The pinnacle of innovation

The Hyworth 1.6T model is where state-of-the-art engineering meets modern design. We’ve crafted this model with three core tenets: safety, performance, and profitability. Its 360-degree electric power steering provides unmatched precision, and with features like a built-in camera system and height level auto selection, it’s clear that this model is designed for the modern warehouse environment.

BT 1.6T Ride On Reach Truck: Performance meets convenience

The BT 1.6T stands as a testament to the fusion of high performance and unmatched convenience. With its user-friendly design, including a low step-in height and an ergonomic focus, our operators are always at the forefront. The BT Control console offers fingertip control over hydraulic functions, ensuring smooth operations at every turn. Features like the electric regenerative braking and auto-applied parking brake underscore our commitment to safety and efficiency.

Toyota 1.6T Ride On Reach Truck: Optimising every inch

The Toyota 1.6T is tailor-made for those battling space constraints in their warehouses. Designed to effortlessly manoeuvre through the tightest of aisles, it ensures optimal utilisation of warehouse space. Its tight turning radius, combined with exceptional high rack load handling, offers a solution that truly maximises storage space.

Beyond providing top-tier forklifts, our team is dedicated to offering bespoke recommendations. When you choose Hyworth, you’re not just investing in a machine, but also in a partnership aimed at ensuring enhanced warehouse productivity.

The benefits of using high reach forklifts

The modern warehouse environment demands more than just stacking products. It’s about maximising every inch of space, ensuring smooth workflows, and doing all this safely. So, what is a high reach forklift’s role in all this? Here’s a closer look at the array of benefits brought by these dynamic machines.

Maximising vertical storage

One of the most notable advantages of high reach forklifts is their ability to access higher racking and shelving. By maximising vertical storage, warehouses can store more products upwards rather than outwards. This technique helps to get the most out of your warehouse’s height, leaving no space wasted.

Navigating narrow aisles with ease

The design of high reach forklifts enables them to operate in tighter, narrower aisles. This means you can increase storage capabilities without having to expand the warehouse’s actual footprint. More products in the same space? That’s efficiency at its best.

Double deep racking

High reach forklifts also come with the double deep racking ability. By enabling storage in two rows deep rather than one, they utilise space-saving techniques to further amplify storage capacities.

When considering ways to enhance warehouse efficiency, the myriad benefits of high reach forklifts, particularly those from Hyworth, undoubtedly make a compelling case

Conclusion: Understanding what is a high reach forklift

Having explored ‘what is a high reach forklift’, it’s clear how these machines have revolutionised the warehousing industry. They’re the unsung heroes, turning tight spaces into efficient storage solutions and making the most of every vertical inch. In today’s fast-paced world, where space is at a premium and efficiency is key, these forklifts stand out as invaluable tools. If you’re aiming to elevate your warehouse operations, why not consider our range at Hyworth? With innovative design and unparalleled functionality, we’re here to drive your productivity to new heights. Dive into the world of Hyworth and discover the future of warehousing today.

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