Five reasons to check the warranty during your next forklift purchase

Picture this. You have saved up and decided to purchase a forklift. At first glance, the machinery appears to be in perfect working condition. However, a couple of months down the track, an unexpected breakdown occurs.  Luckily, this is where your equipment warranty will save the day – if you have one.  If you’re looking […]

Five key considerations when buying a forklift that will save you time, stress and money

As an established forklift dealership, we’ve noticed common trends that occur time and time again. Even the most experienced forklift operators can fall into the trap of opting for the cheapest option, trusting dishonest dealers, focusing only on their short term goals or buying without a thorough site assessment.  By being aware of this, you […]

Fact or fiction? The truth behind forklift myths and misconceptions

When it comes to forklifts, myths and misconceptions are extremely common. The most common myth is that operating a forklift is straightforward, and from a glance, it can look that way. However, many considerations go into forklift operation that need to be taught during specialist training.  To help you decipher fact from fiction, we’ve debunked […]

Eco-friendly advice for an efficient and sustainable warehouse

On the 22nd of April each year, Earth Day is celebrated by billions of people worldwide. Earth Day encourages businesses to ‘act now’ and opt for environmentally sustainable approaches in order to build a prosperous and equitable future.  We proudly embrace environmentally friendly practices daily. However, in light of Earth Day, we are taking a […]

How your business can benefit by reducing your environmental impact

Forklifts play an essential role in keeping the supply chain moving, allowing millions of businesses worldwide to transport inventory efficiently. Fortunately, there are various strategies you can implement to minimise the impact forklifts may have on the environment, which can provide your business with an advantage over your competitors. By understanding the effects and making […]

Five tips to stack the warranty odds in your favour

If you’re yet to experience an unexpected breakdown, you may not be able to fully appreciate the value of a reliable warranty contract.  Ensuring you are covered by a comprehensive warranty that meets your unique requirements can be just as essential as purchasing a reliable machine.  Trust us when we say, if the unexpected occurs, […]

How to mitigate life-threatening risks in your workplace

The risks associated with operating a forklift can be life-threatening. As a forklift provider, we have seen first-hand how following simple safety procedures can save lives.  Failing to implement and follow effective hazard prevention strategies can lead to dangerous consequences. The first step in prevention is identifying the hazards and implementing strategies to reduce the […]

Five ways to create a safe warehouse environment

A safe warehouse is essential to protecting the physical and mental health of your employees. A safe warehouse will reduce the risk of accidents, injury, breakdowns and unhappy employees in your workplace.  Productivity is likely to decline when employees feel their safety is at risk. Actively employing strategies to promote a safe warehouse will contribute […]

Five ways a new forklift can support your 2022 business goals

For businesses in the supply chain and warehousing industry, workplace productivity, reducing downtime and improving workplace safety are all essential to growing your business in 2022. To achieve these goals, you need the correct material handling equipment.  Choosing the perfect machine(s) from the right forklift provider will put you on the right track. If 2021 […]

What to know when hiring a forklift

Hiring a forklift instead of buying one comes with its own advantages and we are often asked what they are. We’ve put together some helpful information so you can make the best choice for your facility and your business. 7 advantages of hiring a forklift While it may at first glance seem smarter to purchase […]