Looking for a “Forklift for Sale Sydney”? Hyworth Forklifts has you covered. We specialise in providing top-quality forklifts tailored to your needs. Our range includes reliable Walk-Behind and Pallet Movers, eco-friendly Electric Counterbalance Forklifts, durable LPG/Gas Forklifts, and high-capacity Reach Trucks. Perfect for Sydney’s dynamic industrial landscape, our forklifts ensure precision, safety, and efficiency.

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Fin mitchell yhFin mitchell yh
05:00 04 Jul 24
The Hyworth Forklift Induction Experience was up there with SeaWorld and the Sydney Opera House. If someone was to ask me “hi, worth getting a hyworth forklift?” I would reply “absolutely!!!”. Jay was the star of the show, great host and brilliant bringer of beer! 5 stars
04:54 04 Jul 24
Met Jay! Super cool dude! Learnt so much about Forklifting
04:56 23 May 24
We've been for nearly 30 years with another forklift supplier who's service got worse and worse. We are much happier now with Hyworth. They are much cheaper and offer better and quicker service.
Douglas GlanvilleDouglas Glanville
09:53 22 May 24
Great experience dealing with Jay from Hyworth Forklifts. He met me on site at our Chatswood warehouse to understand our needs and quickly provided a competitive quote. He helped with finance options and it only took a couple of weeks from the first visit until our walkie-reach arrived. Thanks Jay!
Damian WalshDamian Walsh
01:36 22 Mar 24
David LlewellynDavid Llewellyn
10:16 06 Feb 24
Jay was very helpful. He provided us with a good recommendation, training session and follow up.
Glenn ScottGlenn Scott
05:46 17 Dec 23
Great product. Great presentation. Jay was straight to the point and easy to use.
Luke ChristieLuke Christie
22:22 07 Dec 23
Great service and super helpful team. Special thanks to Dean for his above and beyond service of our Walkie recently - 5 stars!
23:35 29 Nov 23
Our company recently hired a Hyworth walker-stacker, it’s so easy to use and being a small business we were able to train our office staff. Jay was a great trainer and highly recommend Jay from Hyworth!!
Martina StojceskaMartina Stojceska
22:58 29 Nov 23
We received our new warehouse forklift and met Jay. He give us training and I found it very helpful. The forklift is easy to operate and maneuver. We are very happy with the service and the product.
dane onoratidane onorati
03:17 29 Nov 23
Loving the walkie stacker! Top quality product and top quality customer service!
Anthony SpiesAnthony Spies
05:47 17 Nov 23
Love the forklift, does everything we need and more, Jay was very professional and easy to deal with


Our range of quality forklifts for purchase offer various reach and lift capacities to match the unique demands of your workplace.

If you’re looking for quality forklift for sale in Sydney, we specialise in all warehouse forklift applications.

Hyworth Forklifts


When it comes to securing the best forklifts for sale in Sydney, Hyworth Forklifts leads the way. Our extensive range of high-quality forklifts, renowned for their dependability and performance, caters to diverse industrial and warehousing needs across New South Wales. At Hyworth, we don’t just sell forklifts; we offer a complete material handling solution tailored to your unique requirements.

Our advanced fleet in Sydney features the latest models, including walk-behind forklifts, pallet movers, electric counterbalance forklifts, LPG/Gas forklifts, and high-reach trucks. Each forklift is chosen for its ability to boost operational efficiency, safety, and environmental sustainability, ensuring you have the ideal equipment for every task.

For businesses seeking top-notch forklifts for sale in Sydney, Hyworth Forklifts is the answer. Our selection includes versatile and robust machines with various capacities to handle jobs of any scale. From compact electric models perfect for indoor use to powerful LPG/Gas forklifts for larger outdoor projects, our range is unparalleled.

At Hyworth Forklifts, our commitment goes beyond selling forklifts. Our comprehensive service includes expert maintenance, repair, and licensed training, ensuring your team operates with maximum efficiency and safety. We pride ourselves on our personalised service, making us more than a provider – we are your partner in forklift solutions.


At Hyworth Forklifts, we recognise that each business has unique material handling needs. That’s why we specialise in offering customised forklift sale solutions, ensuring you get the ideal forklift for your operations. Our process involves understanding your specific requirements, allowing us to provide a forklift that perfectly matches your needs. This commitment to personalised service has been a core principle since our inception.

New & Used forklifts for sale for Sydney Businesses

We understand the diverse and specific needs of Sydney’s commercial environment. From the bustling docks of Port Botany to the rapidly expanding industrial zones in Western Sydney, our adaptable approach ensures we are well-equipped to meet the distinct needs of every business. Our dedication goes beyond just selling forklifts. We pride ourselves on being an integral part of the Sydney business community, delivering the highest level of service to our fellow enterprises.

Our team is always ready to support your forklift purchase needs. Whether you need advice, have questions, or require immediate assistance, we are here for you. Our professional and experienced team offers a comprehensive range of forklift services to cover all your material handling requirements. With Hyworth Forklifts, you receive more than just a service; you get a commitment to excellence, reliability, and community-focused values.



As a leading provider of forklifts for sale in Sydney, our mission is to understand the specific needs of each of our customers. This enables us to match you with the perfect forklift that suits your business’s unique requirements, adding value to your organisation. The team at Hyworth will keep your business moving, as we are experts in forklift sales in Sydney.

We also offer on-site product demonstrations, where a member of our knowledgeable team will come to your workplace, inspect your site, and recommend which forklift from our extensive product range will best suit your business needs.

Give our team a call today for expert help with all your forklift needs.


From the moment of purchase through to delivery and maintenance, we make the process seamless. When you opt to buy or lease from Hyworth, you’re investing in industry-leading machinery supported by a team of dedicated professionals. Whether you prefer to buy brand new or like-new used forklifts, we provide flexible finance options with our lease-to-own model that suits your budget. Our commitment is to find you a high-quality, affordable forklift solution tailor-made for your business needs.

Our selection of forklifts is designed to ensure operational efficiency, with a variety of models to suit different tasks and environments. We understand that uptime is critical for your business, which is why we offer rapid-response support in the event of a forklift issue. If a repair isn’t feasible on-site, we promptly provide a solution, ensuring that your operations continue without significant disruption. This dedication to service is what sets us apart as a trusted partner for forklift sales in Sydney.

The purchasing process at Hyworth Forklifts is transparent and customer-centric. From the moment you contact us, through the duration of your purchase, we provide clear communication and upfront pricing. Our fees are straightforward and tailored to meet your specific needs, making sure that you receive a cost-effective and efficient solution for your forklift requirements. This approach, combined with our commitment to providing high-quality, well-maintained forklifts, ensures that Hyworth Forklifts is your ideal choice for forklift sales in Sydney.

Forklift for sale Sydney experts

Pallet Movers & Pallet Jacks for SALE at Hyworth Forklifts

Enhance your warehouse operations with Hyworth Forklifts range of pallet movers and jacks for sale. Our electric pallet jacks are designed to boost workplace productivity, offering extensive battery life and easy manoeuvrability around your warehouse.

Optimised for Safety and Performance

Our pallet movers are equipped with features for safer and more efficient operation. They offer improved steering and a smaller turning radius for navigating tight corners. Essential safety features include regenerative braking, an emergency stop feature, and an auto park brake.

Our Diverse Range

Choose from our selection to meet the demands of diverse workplaces:


Advanced Pallet Movers for Modern Warehousing

Elevate your warehouse operations with Hyworth Forklifts’ eco-friendly and efficient electric pallet movers. Designed to meet the dynamic needs of various industries, our pallet movers are not just environmentally conscious but also high-performing. They are perfectly suited for a range of tasks, from moving heavy furniture to transporting large goods, making them essential in manufacturing and other warehouse-intensive operations. Our commitment to eco-efficiency ensures that your business’s environmental goals are met without compromising on operational effectiveness.

At Hyworth Forklifts, we understand that each business has unique material handling challenges. That’s why we specialise in providing customised, heavy-duty solutions that align with your specific requirements. Choosing our quality electric pallet movers means upgrading your warehouse equipment to a standard that prevents productivity lags due to outdated machinery. Opt for Hyworth Forklifts for all your warehouse needs and discover the significant difference in quality and efficiency. We are dedicated to equipping your business with the right tools for success, ensuring that every pallet mover we provide is a step towards enhancing your operational capabilities.

Walk Behind Forklifts for SALE at Hyworth Forklifts

Increase your warehouse productivity with Hyworth’s range of walk behind forklifts, designed for operations in Sydney. These forklifts are built for exceptional performance in confined spaces, featuring impressive lift height and excellent manoeuvrability. Our walkie stackers are perfect for tight aisles, helping you optimise your warehouse space and efficiency.

Optimised for Confined Spaces and Eco-Efficiency

Walk behind forklifts are ideal for tight spaces, offering great lift heights and manoeuvrability. Hyworth’s walkie stackers require minimal space to operate in narrow aisles, boosting your warehouse efficiency.

Additionally, walkie stackers, similar to electric forklifts, do not emit exhaust fumes, reducing your carbon footprint. This eco-friendly operation ensures productivity while maintaining environmental responsibility with Hyworth’s walkie stackers.

These forklifts are also perfect for moving pallets in warehouse settings. They can easily carry heavy loads and navigate tight spaces, making them essential for efficient warehouse operations.

A Diverse Range to Meet Your Specific Needs

Our extensive selection of Hyworth walk behind forklifts includes various lifting capacities and aisle width options, ensuring we can match you with the forklift that best suits your operational requirements in Sydney.


Commitment to Operational Excellence and Sustainability

Hyworth’s walk behind forklifts exemplify our dedication to providing sustainable and efficient solutions for modern warehouses. Choosing Hyworth Forklifts means enhancing your productivity with high-quality machinery. Our forklifts are designed to meet the highest standards of efficiency and reliability. Trust Hyworth Forklifts for your warehousing needs in Sydney and experience the difference in our customised, eco-efficient solutions. Let us supply you with the best tools to ensure your warehouse operations are optimised for success.

Try before you buy

Forklifts, reach trucks, electric pallet jacks and more.


Enhance your warehouse’s functionality with Hyworth Forklifts’ range of reach trucks, essential for any high-density storage facility in Sydney. Our reach trucks are engineered to manoeuvre through narrow aisles while handling heavy loads, making them an indispensable asset for warehouse managers. Their ability to reach high shelves and operate efficiently in confined spaces makes them ideal for improving productivity and space utilisation in your warehouse.

Unlock Your Warehouse’s Potential with Reach Trucks in Sydney

For high-capacity warehouses in Sydney, reach trucks are crucial for moving heavy loads to elevated shelves. These trucks excel in navigating narrow aisles typical of many warehouses, handling significant weights with ease. Their design, which positions the bulk of the load at the front and features a rear driving wheel, allows for a tighter turning radius and enhanced manoeuvrability. This makes them perfect for tight corners and compact areas, maximising your warehouse space.

The advanced lifting capability of reach trucks enables higher stacking of inventory, optimising vertical storage without needing to expand aisle space. This capability is essential for efficient warehouse operations and space optimisation, allowing you to store more inventory vertically.

Having a reach truck in your warehouse transforms the way you handle products, especially when dealing with varying heights. This versatility is invaluable in warehouse logistics, ensuring that items are moved efficiently and safely, regardless of their position. Reach trucks are a vital component in enhancing productivity and space utilisation in warehouse operations throughout Sydney.

At Hyworth Forklifts, we are committed to providing top-quality reach trucks that improve your warehouse efficiency. Our range of reach trucks for sale in Sydney is tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring your business operates at peak performance.

Our Range of Reach Trucks for Sale in Sydney

Hyworth Forklifts offers an extensive selection of reach truck models, each designed to cater to different operational requirements. Our range includes:


Each model in our range is crafted to maximise your vertical storage, enabling narrower aisles and a more compact warehouse layout. With lifting capacities tailored to various applications, our reach trucks are the ideal choice for businesses aiming to enhance their warehouse operations in Sydney.

Reach Truck Forklifts – The High Reach Solution Your Warehouse Needs

At Hyworth Forklifts, we are dedicated to pairing each customer with the perfect reach truck that suits their unique warehouse needs. Our reach trucks are not just pieces of equipment; they are integral tools in your strategy to boost warehouse efficiency and productivity. Our team of experts is here to help you select the reach truck that best aligns with your business requirements.

Explore how our reach trucks for sale can revolutionise your warehouse operations in Sydney. Contact Hyworth Forklifts today to discover our range and find the reach truck that’s perfect for your business.

Electric Counterbalance Forklifts for Sale at Hyworth Forklifts in Sydney

Boost the efficiency and productivity of your Sydney warehouse with Hyworth Forklifts’ selection of electric counterbalance forklifts. Our fleet, built to manage your toughest tasks, offers a powerful and eco-friendly alternative to traditional forklifts. These forklifts are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, delivering a perfect blend of power, precision, and environmental sustainability.

Environmentally Friendly and Highly Versatile

Our electric counterbalance forklifts provide both environmental benefits and high efficiency. Emitting zero pollutants, they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments in Sydney. You can choose from:

  • Four-Wheel Models: Perfect for handling uneven or slippery surfaces, providing stability and safety.
  • Three-Wheel Models: Offer a tight turning radius, making them ideal for navigating narrow aisles.

Extensive Range for Diverse Operational Needs

Hyworth Forklifts offers a wide selection of electric counterbalance forklift models for sale, each designed to suit various lifting capacities and operational demands in Sydney. Our range includes:

Whether it’s a heavy-duty lifting task or precise material handling, our electric counterbalance forklifts ensure increased productivity and power, making them an excellent addition to any workplace.

Your Go-to Solution for Efficient Material Handling

Electric counterbalance forklifts are renowned for their versatility and adaptability in various business settings. From logistics and distribution centres to manufacturing plants and retail warehouses, these forklifts streamline material handling tasks, enhancing overall productivity. Their quiet operation also makes them suitable for food and beverage industries where minimal noise is crucial.

Our electric counterbalance forklifts not only lift heavy loads but also improve your operational efficiency. Contact our team today to find out which electric counterbalance forklift is the perfect fit for your business in Sydney. Let us help you upgrade your fleet with high-performance, eco-efficient machinery designed to meet the demands of modern industrial environments.

Reliable Forklifts

Forklifts, reach trucks, electric pallet jacks and more.

LPG/Gas Forklifts for Sale at Hyworth Forklifts in Sydney

Enhance the performance and adaptability of your warehouse operations with Hyworth Forklifts’ robust range of LPG/Gas forklifts for sale in Sydney. These forklifts offer a versatile solution for both indoor and outdoor environments, making them an ideal choice for businesses seeking a powerful and flexible material handling option. With cleaner emissions compared to diesel, LPG/Gas forklifts reduce workplace pollution while delivering exceptional performance.

Powerful, Reliable, and Durable Forklifts for Diverse Needs

Discover the advantages of Hyworth Forklifts’ LPG/Gas forklifts in Sydney, a dependable option for various warehouse settings. These forklifts excel in both indoor and outdoor scenarios, offering superior performance with greater power than electric and diesel models. Designed for efficient heavy load handling, they are perfect for demanding operational needs in industries like manufacturing, logistics, and retail.

Hyworth’s LPG/Gas forklifts are notable for their economical fuel consumption and high lifting capacities, ensuring cost-effective operation without sacrificing speed or strength. By integrating these forklifts into your Sydney warehouse, you can boost productivity with a robust and versatile material handling solution. Their capacity to handle heavier loads quickly and efficiently makes them invaluable in high-demand settings.

Our Range of LPG/Gas Forklifts for Sale

We provide a comprehensive selection of LPG/Gas Forklifts, each designed to meet the unique requirements of different warehouse operations:


A Reliable Choice for Your Sydney-Based Business

Opt for Hyworth Forklifts when you need a reliable and efficient LPG/Gas forklift tailored to your workplace’s unique requirements. Our forklifts are built for durability and manoeuvrability, featuring advanced options like the Japanese Nissan engine and optional fork positioner attachment, ensuring you can tackle any task with ease and precision. Whether you manage a large outdoor site or an indoor warehouse, our LPG/Gas forklifts are designed to fulfil your needs. Let Hyworth Forklifts transform your workplace into a productivity powerhouse with the ideal LPG/Gas forklift for your operations.

Best Forklift for sale in Sydney

At Hyworth Forklifts, our commitment to providing personalised service for customers, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety, makes us your trusted source for forklift sales.

Expert team

We provide solutions to tackle your most complex tasks.


We tell you your fees upfront so you can budget accordingly.

Industry-leading support

Expert breakdown support to keep your business moving.

Personalised service

We simplify the process of purchasing a forklift.

Why Hyworth Forklifts?

Hire, Buy New, Buy Used, Lease

At Hyworth Forklifts, we offer flexible solutions for all your forklift needs, whether you want to hire, buy new, buy used, or lease. Our hire service includes maintenance and rapid-response support to keep your operations smooth. New forklifts come with a comprehensive warranty, ensuring high quality and durability. Our used forklifts are thoroughly inspected and provide an affordable alternative. Lease-to-own options offer budget-friendly repayments with potential tax benefits.

Contact Hyworth Forklifts to find the perfect solution for your business.

Our machines are keeping businesses moving across NSW

At Hyworth Forklifts, our commitment to delivering a personalised service makes us stand out from the pack. Once we’ve understood your unique situation, we apply our expert knowledge to match you with machinery that can best solve your challenges and keep your business moving. We guarantee an onboarding process that is not only hassle-free, but ensures you leave our warehouse with a forklift that is perfect for your business. It is our blend of industry experience, quick thinking and our ability to genuinely connect with our customers that has led us to become a trusted forklift provider in these areas and beyond.

Call us today 1300 HYWORTH (1300 499 678)

Top-rated Forklift For Sale in Sydney

Searching for a forklift for sale in Sydney? Hyworth Forklifts offers an extensive selection to meet any business requirement. From electric models designed for indoor environments to sturdy LPG/Gas forklifts suited for outdoor use, we provide the right equipment to enhance your operational efficiency and safety.

Servicing Diverse Regions of Sydney

Our geographic coverage includes:

  • Eastern Suburbs
  • Northern Suburbs
  • Western Sydney
  • Inner West
  • Sydney CBD
  • Southern Suburbs and Sutherland Shire
  • Hills District


Whether your operations are based in Sydney’s bustling CBD or the expansive industrial zones, Hyworth Forklifts has the perfect forklift solution for your business. Our diverse range of forklifts is tailored to accommodate the unique needs of various industries throughout Sydney. We offer flexible purchasing options, ensuring you acquire the ideal forklift for your specific needs, along with expert advice to ensure a perfect fit for your operations. Renowned for our dependable and high-quality forklift sales service, Hyworth Forklifts is committed to delivering excellence, ensuring your business in Sydney operates smoothly and efficiently.

Need a forklift in Sydney? Contact Hyworth Forklifts today for the best sales options tailored to your needs.

Not sure what forklift truck is right for you? Hyworth Forklift’s perfect match tool has the ability to recommend the perfect forklift model to take on all your forklift needs.

Tailored Forklift Suggestions

Personalised advice for every situation

We take the time to understand our customer’s unique requirements so that we can match you with the perfect forklift solution and add serious value to your business.

Discover how we aided PetO’s ambitious multi-branch modernization by ensuring smooth operations with an interim forklift solution.

Read about our quick response to Melitta’s growing warehouse demands, facilitating both present and future expansion plans

See how we expedited Down Under Box’s transition to a larger warehouse, enabling them to handle increased product demands effortlessly.

Helping you buy your perfect match forklift


Forklift Questions?
We've Got Your Answers

What are the different types of forklifts available for sale in Sydney?

Hyworth Forklifts offers a variety of models including electric counterbalance forklifts, LPG/Gas forklifts, walk behind forklifts, pallet movers, and reach trucks, each designed to meet specific business needs.

How do I choose the right forklift for my business in Sydney?

Choosing the right forklift depends on your specific operational requirements. Consider factors such as the type of material handling, the environment (indoor or outdoor), load capacities, and aisle widths. Hyworth’s expert team can help you select the best model for your needs. For a wide selection of forklifts for sale in Sydney, visit Hyworth Forklifts.

What are the benefits of electric forklifts for sale in Sydney?

Electric forklifts are eco-friendly, emitting zero emissions, making them ideal for indoor use. They operate quietly, require less maintenance, and provide excellent manoeuvrability in tight spaces. 

Can I buy a used forklift from Hyworth Forklifts?

Yes, Hyworth Forklifts offers a range of high-quality used forklifts for sale. These forklifts have been meticulously maintained to ensure they meet the highest standards of performance and safety.

What safety features should I look for in a forklift for sale in Sydney?

Key safety features to look for include regenerative braking, emergency stop functions, stability control, and load capacity indicators.

How often should a forklift be serviced?

Regular servicing is essential for maintaining forklift performance and safety. It is recommended to service your forklift every six months to prevent unexpected breakdowns and ensure smooth operation. Hyworth Forklifts offers comprehensive servicing for all forklifts for sale.

Are there forklifts suitable for outdoor use in Sydney?

Yes, LPG/Gas forklifts are robust and powerful, making them ideal for outdoor use. They can handle uneven surfaces and heavy loads, providing reliable performance in demanding environments.

What is the typical lifespan of a forklift?

The lifespan of a forklift depends on usage, maintenance, and operating conditions. On average, a well-maintained forklift can last between 10,000 to 15,000 operational hours. Hyworth Forklifts ensures long-lasting performance with their forklifts.

Can forklifts for sale be customised with attachments?

Yes, forklifts can be fitted with various attachments such as fork positioners, side shifters, and clamps to enhance their versatility and performance for specific tasks.

What are the environmental benefits of electric forklifts?

Electric forklifts reduce carbon emissions and operate quietly, making them ideal for indoor environments where noise reduction and air quality are important. They also contribute to lower overall operational costs through reduced fuel consumption and maintenance.

Why should I choose Hyworth Forklifts for my forklift purchase in Sydney?

Hyworth Forklifts offers top-quality forklifts for sale in Sydney, backed by a commitment to customer satisfaction, expert guidance, and a wide range of models to meet your specific business needs.

What support can I expect after buying a forklift from Hyworth Forklifts?

Hyworth Forklifts provides exceptional post-purchase support, including expert assistance, maintenance services, and rapid-response breakdown support, ensuring your operations run smoothly.

Do you offer onsite consultations for forklift sales in Sydney?

Yes, Hyworth Forklifts offers onsite consultations where our experts evaluate your environment and recommend the best forklift models tailored to your operational needs.

How does Hyworth Forklifts ensure the quality of forklifts for sale?

We maintain strict quality control measures, with all our forklifts undergoing rigorous maintenance and safety checks to ensure they meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Can I try out a forklift before finalising my purchase with Hyworth Forklifts?

Absolutely! Hyworth Forklifts offers a ‘try before you buy’ option, allowing you to experience our forklifts in action and ensure they meet your requirements.

Are there any hidden fees when purchasing a forklift from Hyworth Forklifts?

No, Hyworth Forklifts operates with complete transparency, ensuring all fees are communicated upfront so you can plan your finances without any surprises.

How does Hyworth Forklifts simplify the process of buying a new forklift in Sydney?

We provide a seamless buying experience with personalised service, expert advice, and flexible financing options to ensure you find the perfect forklift for your business needs.

Do your new forklifts come with a warranty?

Yes, selected new forklift models from Hyworth Forklifts come with a generous 3 Year Parts and Labour Manufacturer’s Warranty for your peace of mind.

How do I contact Hyworth Forklifts for forklift sales in Sydney?

You can reach out to us via our website, phone, or visit our showroom in Sydney to explore our range of forklifts for sale and receive expert assistance.

How do Hyworth's Walk Behind Forklifts enhance safety and efficiency in compact spaces?

Hyworth’s Walk Behind Forklifts, often referred to as pedestrian-operated forklifts, are designed for operations in confined spaces. Their compact design allows for easy manoeuvrability in tight spots, like small warehouses and retail backrooms. Operators walk behind these forklifts, enhancing visibility and reducing the chances of accidents. These models are ideal for short-distance material handling tasks, ensuring quick turnaround times.

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